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The Weekend was a pilot episode presented before panelists to Bluey, produced in 2017. This is one of two known pilots (the other being The 2016 Pilot) presented to potential funders for the show, it was later adapted to the episode of the same name in the first season.


Bluey and Bingo spend their weekend playing with their dad.


The plot is essentially the same as that of The Weekend. Bingo is at the breakfast table eating breakfast while singing. Bandit gets a letter from Bluey, which is a drumstick. He plays music while they dance. Then, Dad tries to watch cricket. Bluey and Bingo try to stop him and Mum goes out to run. The kids play Magic Statues with their dad too.


Warning Spoilers!
We start with the theme song (as expected), but instead of the Heeler family playing musical statues, it starts with Mackenzie dancing, then Rusty dancing, then finally Bluey dancing. Instead of the Heeler family saying "Bluey", it is replaced with a kid shouting "BLUEY!", followed by a "Ruff! Ruff!".

It’s breakfast time, and Bluey brings in a pretend letter for Dad with a claw hand and tells him it contains a drumstick - an impromptu jam session ensues. Chilli heads off on a run while Bandit attempts to settle down in front of the TV to watch the cricket. However, with kids climbing all over him, he admits defeat and joins in with the game of “Statues”.

Shortly after commencement, Dad pauses the game to go to the bathroom. After unpausing the game, Bluey the shop keeper sells Dad what he assures is a non-magical statue (Bingo). While Dad goes to get his receipt, the statue moves places, but Bluey just tells him he’s “probably just going crazy or something”. However, she is found out and Bandit chases after Bluey. Bingo, meanwhile, discovers a leaf insect and tries to get Dad's attention to show him, but he does not hear her.

Cut to the same evening, where Chilli tucks in Bluey, before heading into Bingo's separate room, though she notices that Bingo is sad. Bandit apologises for not hearing her, which cheers Bingo up enough tell Bandit that she was the statue.


Differences from the aired cut of the episode

  • The opening music is an excerpt from Pinball Lez by Custard, with the lines "Bluey! Ruff ruff!" put in, rather an original piece. This was most likely a placeholder, as the theme song for the show wasn't finished at the time.
  • Mackenzie, Rusty, and Bluey are the only characters to appear in the opening, and their appearances in it vary from their official designs:
    • Mackenzie's tail has a white tip, and the colors on both his legs and feet are the same.
    • The markings on Bluey's face are a darker color, and her nose is brown rather than black.
    • Rusty has a more darker orange color on his legs, ear insides, and hands. The diamond on his chest is also smaller.
    • Each character has noticeably sharp angles.
  • Most of the episode has no background music.
    • The walking leaf scene, montage, and ending of the episode feature Super Happy Funtime by Regurgitator. The final version of the episode uses a very similar original composition.
  • Bingo's snout is noticeably longer.
  • Bandit had no black markings on the left side of his face, and there is no yellow marking on his belly. He also lacks his beard whiskers.
  • The outline of characters' eyes are not shown when they blink.
  • The episode's title is not spoken aloud, and the walking leaf is not present in the title card.
  • The appearance of each room in the house is very different from the finished show.
    • Also, Bluey's house had a different design and layout.
      • This goes for even the smallest room featured in the episode, the toilet which has several very noticeable changes, to name a few:
        • The walls are all painted in same pale "jacaranda" purple rather than each wallboard being painted in different shades of cyan.
        • There is an air-freshener on the windowsill rather than a roll of toilet paper.
        • The toilet-paper dispenser much smaller, pointier, and the hanger-hook points towards camera rather than away in the final version.
          • The toilet paper roll itself is tiny in comparison and also has no ripping-seams.
        • The To-Do-List-paper is removed in the final version of this episode
          • This list returns in Yoga Ball and One Man Went To Mow albeit is also shortened to have only two items ("PTA" and "Fix TV") and is now a landscape stickied A5-sized-note instead of vertically thumb-tacked / push-pinned A4-sized sheet of printer paper.
  • Chilli's voice is softer, and she walks from the right side of the screen to the left, whereas in The Weekend, she walks from left to right. This is because she had her dark fur in the opposite side of her face (minus one clip where she lost it due to an animation error), so the animators flipped her to make it look normal.
    • Additionally, she says "Okay, I'm just popping out for a tick", instead of "I'm just going for a run! I'll see you later".
  • Bandit carries Bluey in his right arm and Bingo in his left arm, whereas in the official episode, he carries Bluey in his left arm and Bingo in his right arm.
  • Bingo's markings on her back look noticeably different.
  • Bingo, Bandit, and Bluey see Chilli chopping shrimp in the final episode. But in the pilot, she is chopping carrots.
  • Bandit's eyes appear closer to his muzzle in the scene where he says, "How is that LBW?".
  • The pilot shows Bluey and Bingo to each have separate bedrooms, while the series have them share a bedroom. There are many errors in the pilot.


  • In the pilot, compared to the show, Chilli does not have her darker orange tan patch on her face. This led many fans to believe she lacked it for the entire pilot. However, this is not true, as she can be seen with her darker fur in other screenshots of this pilot and even in a 2016 promotional image, albeit with the fur on the opposite side of the face. Her lacking the darker fur in the clip is clearly an animation error.
  • On the 10th of February 2023, the full pilot was uploaded by the same twitter user who had days earlier leaked the 2016 pilot.[1]
    • It can be watched here.
      • Since then, the video was deleted due to copyright. AnythingAlfred613 on Reddit and the @BlueyCommunity X/Twitter account was able to recover it. It can be watched under references[2][3] respectively.


  • The cereal on Bingo's spoon disappears when she moves it.
  • The brown patch on Chilli's face is frequently not shown. When she tucks in Bingo, it's even drawn on the wrong side.
  • When Bingo descends the back stairs, she is animated on top of the left-side railing, and the dark patches on her face are not drawn, showing a much wider white stripe.
  • In the beginning when Bluey is giving Bandit his letter, her right foot clips over her left foot.