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This article is about the episode that got released worldwide.
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The Weekend is the sixth episode of the first season of Bluey.


At the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing Statues with Dad – Bingo is a magical moving statue that Dad keeps trying to return to Bluey the shopkeeper.

With the game in full swing, Bingo gasps in wonder as she discovers a walking leaf insect in the garden. She whispers to Dad to come and see, but he is too distracted chasing Bluey and it flies away.[2]

Later at bedtime, Bingo is upset that Dad didn’t get to see the walking leaf but she’s cheered up when Dad apologises, explaining that he was distracted by a cheeky magic statue. Bingo giggles and admits that the statue was actually her all along.

On the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing in the garden with Dad. Bingo gets upset when she discovers a walking leaf insect, but Dad is too caught up in the game to notice.[2]

Episode Recap

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As Bingo eats breakfast with Bandit one weekend morning, Bluey brings in a pretend letter for her dad with a claw hand, with a drumstick inside the envelope - an impromptu jam session ensues.

Chilli heads off on a run while Bandit attempts to settle down in front of the TV to watch the cricket. However, with kids climbing all over him, he admits defeat and joins in with the game of "Statues". Shortly after commencement, however, Bandit pauses the game to go to the bathroom, with the girls joining him in there. After unpausing the game, Bluey, being the shopkeeper, sells Bandit what she says is a non-magical statue (Bingo). While Bandit goes to get his change, the "statue" moves places but Bluey just tells him he's "probably just going crazy or something".

The "magical statue" then moves outside and the girls play a game of ding-dong-dash/knick-knocking on Bandit until he catches them at it, and chases them around the garden.

The girls separate, and Bingo heads to the back garden, where she discovers a leaf insect. She tries to get her father's attention to show him the leaf bug, but he is too busy chasing the "shopkeeper" to get back his money. Eventually, the bug flies off just as Chilli returns from her run, and the three find Bingo waving into the sky.

Later in the day, the girls have their bath and brushed their teeth. Chilli is tucking the girls in and, upon finding Bingo sad in her bed, calls for Bandit to come into the room. He apologises to Bingo for not hearing her, with him and Bluey recounting their day with the crazy "statue". Bingo cheers up and tells them she was the statue after all. Shortly afterwards, the girls go off to sleep happily.



  • This is the first episode to show something other than the default "Bluey dancing" animation - in this case, the walking leaf.
  • The "walking leaf" is either a Katydid or Planthopper.
  • This episode was an edited version of the 2017 pilot episode.
    • The edit includes several differences to the original pilot, such as the character designs being modified.
  • Bluey tells Bandit that his "statue" will cost "400 Dollarydoos". This may be a reference to The Simpsons episode Bart vs. Australia, which has gained mixed reviews for its portrayal of Australia.
  • LBW (short for "leg before wicket") is one of the ways a batter can be "out" in the game of cricket. If the batter doesn't hit the ball and the umpires judge that the ball would have gone on to hit the stumps if the batters legs didn't block the ball from doing so, this is called LBW and the batter is out.
  • The album art for Chilli's workout music is a parody of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd where the triangular prism has been replaced by a dog bone.
  • This is the final episode to be aired on Disney Junior Germany before it's closedown at September 30th, 2021.[3]
  • Long Dog: This version of the long dog is green with a purple nose and an angry expression, perhaps as a reference to The Incredible Hulk. It is seen briefly behind a bush as Bingo runs to the backyard after the girls "ding-dong-dashed" Bandit.
  • When this episode aired on Disney Channel in the U.S., it was paired with BBQ and Fruitbat.


  • As this is an edit of the 2017 pilot, there are moments where characters are entirely still while others are talking. This seems to be due to slightly longer pauses between lines compared, to the pilot.
  • Chilli's design is flipped at numerous points of the episode.
  • While Bandit is on the toilet, he is looking on his phone. When he tells Bluey she could wait outside, he takes one of his hands off the phone, causing it to flip horizontally.
  • Near the end of the episode, Bingo's bed in one scene changes from a Lowercase "b" to an Uppercase "B", with The Uppercase "B" being the bed for Bluey.


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