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Squash is the fourth episode of the second season of Bluey.


When Dad and Uncle Stripe play a game of squash, Bluey and Bingo are in control of their every move, and Bingo proves that big siblings don't always beat little siblings.

Episode Recap

Warning Spoilers! ->

Bluey, Bandit, Bingo and Stripe are heading to the local squash hall - with Bluey on Bandit and Bingo on Stripe, controlling them. Bingo bumps Bandit off the path, and Bluey retaliates, sending Stripe spinning into the wayward bush. As the two struggle to escape the bush trap, Bandit tells Stripe that big brothers always beat little brothers - indeed, it's the way it goes.

As they reach the hall, Bandit prepares for a long struggle for squash supremacy. Bandit suggests the kids play with the racket bags for "controllers". Bluey nabs player one, Bandit, so Bingo assumes the position of player two, Stripe. After a quick little controller test to ensure they're hundred percent working, Bluey sends the ball wayward into the wall and catches Stripe off-guard. One point to Bluey, she then shoots a competitive glare Bingo's way.

Throughout, Bandit flourishes and Stripe struggles soundly. Bingo laments her controller, her confidence slipping. As Stripe slips up once again, Bandit repeats the "big brothers always beat little brothers" mantra. Close to defeat, Bingo tells Stripe that her controller may be borked, but Bandit tells her that the controller may not be the problem. One double-whammy later and a very sweaty Stripe is left exhausted and on the floor, with a saddened and defeated Bingo leaving the scene as Bandit and Bluey rub their victory in their little siblings' faces, Stripe leaving the scene to grab himself a drink.

Bluey, watching this, immediately feels guilty she left her little sister Bingo out to dry against the pure domination of Bandit Heeler. She asks her Dad to allow Bingo and Stripe some breathing room to win... but he says no. Indeed, he thinks that kids are silly. And indeed, Bluey will have no mercy. Meanwhile, Bingo tries to "fix" Stripe - she'll stick by her Uncle to the end, telling him that big sisters won't win all the time against their little sisters. After hearing this, a supercharged Stripe is ready to roll.

To Bluey, Bandit's bargaining posture remains highly dubious. Bluey is sticking her intention to help Bingo and Stripe win. Stripe and Bingo enter once again, supercharged with confidence and a reignited tinge of competitiveness. Bandit tells Bingo she can control him now, but she refused. It's time to prove Bandit that indeed, little sisters can win. First run goes to Stripe, who hits the ball with all his might - Bandit, caught completely off-guard with Stripe's sudden strike, completely misses the hit.

Soon, the outcome of the game tilts towards Bingo and Stripe's favour, with one ball being sent towards Bandit's love handles. With Stripe's newfound strength, agility and determination, Bandit is quickly worn down by the sheer power of his little brother, and Bluey sends him into the wayward wall so she can look right at Bandit's humiliating defeat. Stripe and Bingo wins the match of the game, Stripe helps his brother up, with Bandit congratulating him for a good game; ditto for Bluey and Bingo. As they leave the hall, Bluey sends Bandit barrelling into the wayward bush.



  • The top-down depiction of the squash match bears a striking resemblance to Pong, one of the earliest video games.
  • Bluey's line, "How very dare you!" is reused from Kids.
  • The line "Strength! Agility! Determination!" was improvised by Dan Brumm, Stripe's VA.[1]
  • Dogs do not sweat anywhere near as heavily as depicted in this episode and the series in general. Though dogs sweat a small amount from between their toes and their "armpits", their primary means of cooling their bodies down is by panting with an open mouth.
  • Long Dog: This long dog is mahogany brown colored, the same as the wood paneling it appears in front of. It appears behind the trash can, peaking out from behind the right side. It is only visible when Bandit is begging Bluey to reconsider throwing the game.
  • When this episode aired on Disney Channel in the U.S., it was paired with Charades and Bingo.


Warning Spoilers! ->
  • The sweat mark Stripe made on the wall disappeared when Bandit asked him to play another round, but it reappeared when Stripe got out of the court.
  • Same goes to Bandit when his sweat mark disappeared when he and Stripe says "Good game" to each other. But this time, it doesn't reappear.
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