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Smoochy Kiss is the thirty-fifth episode of the third season of Bluey.


Bluey and Bingo want Dad all to themselves and won’t let Mum have a smoochy kiss! But when they try and hide him around the house, they discover that Dad has some gross habits.

Mum wants a smoochy kiss from Dad, but Bluey and Bingo want Dad all to themselves and won’t let Mum near him!

When Bluey and Bingo start hiding Dad around the house, they discover that Dad can be kind of gross; he’s got stinky armpits, does foul fluffies and even pees on his own foot! [2]

So, Bluey and Bingo reverse the roles and start protecting Mum from Dad’s grossness, but they find that Mum’s got gross habits too – like her stinky morning breath after sardines on toast! Bluey and Bingo learn that in life you must take the good with the bad, just like Mum and Dad do with each other.

Episode Recap[]

Warning Spoilers!

The episode starts out with Bluey, Bingo, and Chilli in the kitchen, the former dancing. After a few seconds she stops as she "doesn't like this part of the song." Bingo then asks why there are forks in the spoon bit. Chilli replies by mentioning some things that Bandit has done with the kitchen - he had left all the cupboards and fridge door open and he put the apron in the sink. Bluey, however, interprets this as her Mom indeed not liking her Dad.

Bandit comes in and tries to kiss Chilli, but fails due to the kids separating them. They then say that Bandit is theirs, attack Chilli, and run off with him. They run into the living room and find out that his armpit leaks (he had just returned from a run), then runs into the observatory, where they run into Mum again, attack her again, and run off again. Bandit goes to the bathroom but Bluey tells him to be quick as Chilli might come. As Bandit uses the facilities, Bluey tells Bingo to watch the outside vicinity for any signs of Chilli. Meanwhile, Bandit's bathroom troubles had just begun, as he had accidentally peed on his foot. He decides to wash it off in the sink, much to Bluey's shock.

Meanwhile, Bingo is guarding the door, and notices a cardboard box. Unfazed, she goes back to guarding, not realizing that Chilli is inside. Meanwhile, Bandit wipes his foot off with Bluey's shirt, much to her horror. Back outside, Bingo gets ensnared by the cardboard box - which Chilli had indeed used - just as Bluey and Bandit exit the toilet, the latter having done a fluffle. Bluey and Chilli save Bingo and make a run for the kitchen, with Bandit in pursuit.

Bluey, Bingo and Bandit then attempt to protect Chilli as they enter the kitchen. Bingo holds out basil at Bandit, resulting in a little standoff between the two parties. Bluey lists down the disgusting things she noticed about Bandit as Chilli undoes all of Bandit's mistakes in the kitchen; when Bluey gets to the fact her Dad had peed on his foot, Chilli remarks she hadn't seen such a thing. Bandit admits he had done it before, and Chilli tells the kids she is used to such behavior, telling them to take the good bits with the bad. Bandit mentions Chilli's bad morning breath (and this is before she has had her sardines), which she demonstrates. Shortly afterward, the two finally smoochy kiss, and the episode ends off with Bluey and Bingo running away from their parents in disgust.




  • This marks another instance where Bandit fluffied (farted) albeit the scene where the Bandit is about to fart then transitions to Bingo being captured by Chilli. The scene showing outcome with Bluey’s reaction of Bandit farting and/or the fart sound is not featured.
  • This episode marks the first time Bandit and Chilli have visibly kissed (such as The Pool since Season 1, in the episode Daddy Robot.
  • The plot of this episode is the reverse of Fancy Restaurant, whereby in that episode the children want to make the evening as romantic as possible and wait for a smoochy kiss, but does not come.
  • This was the first episode from the 2nd half of Series 3 to be available in the US, releasing three months prior to other Season 3B episodes on Disney+.
  • Just after Bandit is taken by Bluey and Bingo away from Chilli, the fridge beeps, as the door has been left open. This might be a reference to the episode Bingo, in which the fridge being open was a recurring joke.
  • Chilli using a cardboard box as a means of disguising herself and sneaking up on Bingo may be a reference to the Metal Gear franchise of stealth video games and its main character Solid Snake, who normally sneaks into enemy territory using conventional boxes. Bingo is also alerted to Chilli's presence, and as she approaches, Chilli attacks her.
  • Long Dog: Spotted next to the fridge in Bingo's first-person point of view as she holds the basil at Bandit. This dog is brown, and in an extension of the Metal Gear easter egg, has its own box and eyepatch (much like Solid Snake).
  • Bandit's initial entrance is a reference to Chuck Berry's signature duck walk.
  • When this episode aired on Disney Channel in the US, it was paired with Barky Boats and Family Meeting.
    • This is the only episode to have been paired with a Season Two episode when aired on Disney Channel.


  • In the laundry room, the taps on the laundry tub are first seen with the hot on the left and cold on the right. In a later scene, they are switched so that the hot is on the right and cold is on the left.


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