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Sleepytime is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Bluey.


Inside Bingo's dream, Bingo and Floppy have an intergalactic adventure, while the rest of her sleep-deprived family try to navigate Bingo's non-stop night-time bedhopping.

Episode Recap

Warning Spoilers!

The episode begins with Chilli reading Bingo a bedtime story about a baby and a mother chicken. Meanwhile, Bandit drags Bluey and places her on her bed. After initially complaining about her not being tired, Bluey immediately collapses to sleep and Bandit tells Bingo good-night as Chilli finishes the book. While she is about to leave, Bingo requests another book she hid under her pillow; a book about space. Chilli finally agrees after a small pleading from her daughter.

They go through the book, with Chilli questioning Bingo the name of planets and Bingo identifying the Sun. After then, it is time for Bingo to sleep, but not after Chilli finding Floppy on the floor for her. Bingo tells her that she wants to do a "big girl sleep" tonight and wake up on her own bed. Chilli encourages her, and reminds her, "I'm always here when you need me." Then Bingo closes her eyes, off to sleep.

The dream begins. As the scene pans to the Earth illustration on the space book cover, the Earth itself hatches, revealing Bingo inside. Beside her, Floppy hatches from the Moon. As they both see one another, they float to each other and share a hug. In real life, Bingo can be seen cuddling Floppy very tightly. Back in the dream, the two look at the Sun. They both then float their way to it, passing a through an already hatched Venus. At the same time, Bluey's bed is empty in real life.

It turns out that Bluey has woken up and made her way to the parents' room, holding a glass. Chilli then wakes up and sees her daughter, surprised, and is asked if she can get the latter a glass of water. After fulfilling her request, she instead finds Bluey sleeping on her side of the bed. She then tiredly makes her way to the children's bedroom and finds rest on Bluey's bed trying to cover herself with her tiny blanket. Just as Chilli gets herself comfortable, Bingo gets off her bed, "floating" in her dream.

In their dream-world adventures, Bingo and Floppy find the planet Uranus. Bingo feels it soft and cuddly, and lies on it like a bed, pulling the planet's surface beside her like a blanket. In truth, she ends up in her parents' room between Bluey and Bandit, and her lying and tugging on the blanket, taking Bluey and Bandit's share of it. So begins a tug-of-war between the freezing Bluey and Bandit as they pull the blanket for themselves and in process tosses and turns Bingo around. Bingo, however, feels overjoyed in her dream, as if the planet's surface rises and falls, rolling herself around as a laughing little fellow. Eventually the Blue Heelers pull the blanket simultaneously, launching Bingo in the air.

Bingo and Floppy leave Uranus; the next planet comes upon is Jupiter. She goes for a closer look, and plays around with its surface. She slaps it and finds that it is a fluid. Interested, she slaps some more, giggling. The gas giant is actually Bandit in reality, with him being constantly being smacked in the face in his sleep. After a few rounds of smacking, Bingo floats a bit farther from the planet, and quickly floats back, diving feet-first on the surface, just as Bandit's stomach gets a powerful kick from her daughter, enough to make him roll with his back facing her daughters. That same back that is being "walked" by Bingo as she treks Jupiter's surface with Floppy in hand. The ordeal is joined by Bluey on her side, both in her dream and in real life. The two's running escalates to them hopping on the planet's surface, and thus Bandit's back receives a lot of kicking from both of her children. Annoyed of being kicked, he tries to swat whatever is kicking him and manages to shove Bluey away. Back in the dream, Bluey gets pushed off by probably one of Jupiter's moons. Bingo does not seem to mind and continues running on the surface happily. Then, she sees the Great Red Spot ahead of her. Ecstatic, she jumps right into the hole, causing Bandit to abruptly wake up, clutching his crotch on which Bingo's feet can be found.

Bingo and Floppy find themselves in the center of the planet, with them cuddling its solid core, just like how Bingo holds on to Bandit tightly as he carries her to her original bed.

On the way back, Bandit finds Bluey in the toilet, with her asking him to sing to her. Bandit reluctantly concurs with a drowsy recital of "99 Bottles of thing on the Wall" as the two struggle with their eyes trying to stay awake. Unbeknownst to them, Bingo once again "floats" away in her dream, back to her parents' room. They both return to the parents' room, with Bandit reasonably surprised to find Bingo on the bed once again. Bluey does not mind as she promptly gets into the bed to join her sister. Defeated, Bandit lies down on the floor, with only a pair of underwear as a blanket. Unfortunately for him, he gets another round of kicking from her older daughter as she gradually pulls herself closer to the bed's edge. Hence she rolls off the bed, landing on her father, carrying the blanket with her. Unfortunately for Bingo, she finds herself freezing, and she sees herself stuck on Pluto in her dream, holding on to Floppy.

However, as the planets revolve, the light of the Sun is revealed to them, on which the two immediately stare at. Thus Bingo sets off, en-route to the big star as real-life Bingo hops off the big bed walks straight to her own bed. Back in her dream, she passes by Saturn, and reacts with awe as she has a closer look on its rings: thousands and thousands of Floppy's. Bingo's Floppy is also amazed at this sight, and points to the ring. Bingo takes this as Floppy wanting to join them, and has her head low in sadness. However, the two share a farewell hug, and a wave goodbye as Floppy floats off to join its brethren.

Then Bingo, at the sight of Floppy among its many others, sorrowfully lets out a cry at its loss. Such is a cry that alerts Chilli on the other side of the children's room.

Yet just as all that Bingo feels is feelings of sadness of loss, she turns around and finds an unusually uplifting sight: a comet riding at supersonic speed, carrying Bingo in a beeline to the Sun. As she jumps off the comet and lands on the closest planet to it, Mercury, she bears witness to another magnificent sight. She sees the Sun itself and all its greatness and warmth; as warm as the hug of her mother who came all the way from her sister's bed. In the midst of the comfort, though, Bingo looks back on her shattered Earth. She says to the Sun, "I have to go, I'm a big girl now." The Sun (Chilli) replies, in the sound of her loving mother, "Remember I'll always be her for you, even if you can't see me. Because I love you." Bingo is once again filled with joy, worthy of a small tail wag. At the same time, Chilli tucks her Red Heeler daughter in again, smiling in solace, as she walks back to her own bedroom.

Dream Bingo floats back to her home Earth, and tries to put its pieces back together around her. Just as it happens, Chilli finds Floppy on the hallway, and walks back to the kids' room. As Bingo is struggling to reassemble her planet, she is reunited with a pleasant surprise: her Floppy! And a few others like it. Bingo gives her Floppy one last hug and they help Bingo putting together the Earth she is in. As the last piece is about to be placed above her, Floppy gives Bingo a final wave goodbye.

What follows is set of scenes on how everything ends: an empty hallway, a faint light on a glass of water on the side of the parents' bed, Bandit and Bluey hugging together comfortably on the floor as they're equally covered by their blanket, and Chilli triumphantly having the entire parents' bed for herself. Then, as the scene transitions to the same planet Earth on the cover of Bingo's book, it pans to Bingo; happily embracing Floppy and sleeping tightly on her bed, just as the room's window slowly begins to show the sun rising.


Behind the Scenes



  • The soundtrack played throughout this episode is based on Gustav Holst's orchestral suite The Planets.
    • The three songs are Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, then briefly Venus, the Bringer of Peace and Saturn, the bringer of Old Age.
      • Their usage corresponds to Bingo actually visiting the planets in her dreams, except for the second use of Jupiter which is for when the Sun arrives.
    • The other planetary songs like Mars the Bringer of War, Mercury the Winged Messenger, Uranus the Magician and Neptune the Mystic are either not used, or not credited in the closed captions.
      • (earlier music is sometimes just captioned as "ethereal music" or "slow relaxed music" or "jovial upbeat music").
  • The song Bandit sings, 99 Bottles of Thing on the Wall, (later re-used in Baby Race) is based on 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, with lyrics changed to avoid the alcohol reference.


  • Sleepytime appears on IMDb's list of top user-rated TV episodes, with a weighted-average rating of 9.8/10. The episode previously had a 10/10 rating, one that was matched only by Breaking Bad's Ozymandias.[1]
    • Sleepytime's IMDb rating drop from 10/10 to 9.8/10 received media attention, with reporters speculating that the drop was attributable to the notoriously-jealous fanbase of the anime Attack on Titan, who engaged in targeted review-bombing of Sleepytime in response to the episode ranking in a higher position than the Attack on Titan episode Heroes.[2] [3] [4]
    • This episode is tied with Cricket for having the highest IMDb user rating.
  • This episode features a special end credits with a black background and a couple of stars dotted around the screen.
  • This episode has an unusually long runtime with 7:30 instead of 7:00, making this episode second to the longest one in the series.
    • The episode was originally the longest one, but Pass the Parcel would later on become the longest one with a runtime of 8:00, and so is Tradies with the same runtime. Until ultimately The Sign would ultimately surpass the longest with twenty-eight minutes.
  • Bluey bothers Bandit throughout the episode, like kicking his head, walking on his back, and asking him to sing to her.
  • The celestial objects (planets, stars, moons, etc.) featured in this episode are, in order of appearance: Earth, the Moon (Luna), the Sun, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, a moon of Jupiter (unspecified), Pluto, Saturn, a comet (unspecified), and Mercury.
    • Out of all of the planets, only Neptune is absent.
    • The colours of Pluto and Mercury are swapped. In the episode, Pluto is a purple-ish gray while Mercury is a shade of brown. In reality, Mercury is a blue-ish gray while Pluto is a red-ish brown.
  • This is the first time where Bingo cries. She cries again in Pass the Parcel and is the second character to cry overall, the first being Bentley in Bike. Bingo has been seen to tear up in Yoga Ball however.
  • As with The Show, some fans believe this episode suggests that Chilli had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Bluey. This is due to Bluey “hatching” from Venus and Bingo from Earth, while Mercury remains unhatched.
  • The visuals in the scene where Bingo rides a comet are inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey[5]
  • Long Dog: This long dog appears as a constellation when Bingo and Bluey are running on the planet/Bandit's back.
  • When this episode aired on Disney Channel in the U.S., it was paired with Daddy Dropoff and Favourite Thing.
  • On this episode's official webpage, Bingo and Floppy are drawn flying, the parents are replaced by the celestial bodies they represent (Chilli as the Sun, Bandit being as Jupiter), and Bluey is shown as the planet she hatched out of (Venus).[6]


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