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Grannies is the Twenty-eighth episode of Bluey (TV series).


A game of 'Grannies' is fun, until Bingo and Bluey can't agree on one simple question: Can Grannies floss? Now they'll need to video call their Nana to get the answer.

Episode Recap

Warning Spoilers! ->

bestbits: Bingo flossing running gag.

lifelesson: Don’t forget the beans, you’re never too old to floss, and being right doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

Bingo is flossing and Bluey asks if she wants to play grannies - on the proviso that grannies don’t floss.

The grannies go shopping in the kitchen where Mum is cleaning the oven. Grannie Rita (Bingo - this was my grannies name so I love it even more) tries to steal some cans of baked beans but Mum tells her she has to pay for them. Grannie Janet (Bluey) lies down for a quick ‘nanna nap’ before they make a hasty exit with Bingo trying to floss again. Bluey tells her that she’s not playing properly as grannies don’t floss, so an exasperated Mum tells them to go ask their father who is cleaning the toilet.

Bluey still claims she’s right and Bingo is wrong about grannies flossing, so after being splattered with toilet water Dad tells them to ask Nana.

They FaceTime Nana who, much like all of our parents / grandparents, can’t figure out the camera on a video call - ensuing hilarity of close-ups and wrong angles. Bingo demonstrates flossing (the dance as opposed to the teeth) but neither Nana nor Grandpa Bob can do it.

Bluey exclaims “I was right” and Bingo leaves upset to go and sit on a chair - she doesn’t want to play anymore.

Mum and Dad are making the bed when Bluey comes and complains that Bingo won’t play with her just because she was right... Mum asks if Bluey wants to be right or does she want to keep playing the game.

Bluey decides she has to teach her grandparents how to floss. Success!!! Bluey shows Bingo the video and the girls happily resume their game.

The girls continue their grannie game and Bingo drives their push car around like a hard at seeing grannie, bowling through a tea party, tripping up Dad who is carrying the clothes' basket, and eventually crashing into the sandpit.

Bluey and Bingo do the grannie floss dance once more while Mum and Dad reflect on whether they’ll still floss when they’re old.

Recap Credits to @tellitlikeitismumma. - Instagram - Facebook





  • Bluey was replaced with Nana flossing in the credits.
  • The phone Bluey's family uses resembles the design of an Apple IPhone.
  • This is one of three season 1 episodes to have sneak peaks in 2019, the other two being The Creek and Asparagus.
  • The dance that appears in this episode is the Backpack Kid's floss dance.
  • Both Chilli and Bandit breaks the fourth wall by looking at the audience.
  • This is the first appearance of Bob and Nana.
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