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"Sister Rain has left, and Father Sun is home. Brother Wind comes blowing in to welcome home the gnome." ― Calypso's song[source]

Calypso is a secondary character that has appeared in multiple episodes of Bluey. Description

"Bluey's teacher for Prep. An Aussie Shepherd."


Calypso is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd with dark brown, grey, white, dark grey, orange and light orange fur. She has white feet, hands, tail tip, chest, muzzle and head spots, light orange bottom legs, bottom arms, tail bottom, torso, outer muzzle and eyebrows, orange top legs, top arms and outer muzzle, dark brown back spots, head splotches, head spots and top ears, grey tail top and head, and dark grey tail spots. She also has a black nose and wears a blue shawl.


Calypso is the teacher at Bluey's school. She has no known relatives but is friends with many of her students.



  • She works in a Steiner school that’s based on one out in Samford valley in Brisbane.
  • She is voiced by musician and songwriter Megan Alexanda Washington.
  • She teaches the prep students at her school.
  • Based on her appearance and voice, she appears to be an older character, possibly middle-aged.



Calypso talking to Chloe and Chloe’s Mum.png