"For real life?!" ― Bluey's catchphrase[source]

Bluey Heeler is the titular protagonist, daughter of Bandit and Chilli, the older sister of Bingo, and niece of Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie.

Bluey.tv Description

"Bluey is a 6 year old Blue Heeler pup who loves to play. Her parents and teacher give her lots of time to practice, which means she’s become very good at inventing games, helping everyone choose their roles and deciding on the rules. Her favourite games are ones that involve lots of other kids and grown-ups (especially her dad) and she mainly likes to pretend she’s a grown-up doing grownup things herself."


Bluey is a Blue Heeler with light blue, blue, dark blue and tan fur. She has a rectangular shaped body, and has light blue paws, outer muzzle, eyebrows and chest, blue legs, arms, torso, head and tail stem, dark blue torso spots, tail tip, outer ears and head spots, and tan inner ears and muzzle. She also has a black nose.


Bluey in general is an energetic character that loves to play as described in official page. She can be a little bit too authoritative when playing, as seen on episodes Magic Xylophone and some other episodes. She can easily get distracted as seen on episode Hide and Seek.


Bluey is one of the Heeler's family member. She's a daughter of Bandit and Chilli and has a younger sister called Bingo. Her neighbourhood friends includes Lucky and Judo. She's also friend with most students on Calypso's School and best friends with Chloe.


  • Bluey has many nicknames used on several episodes, which includes:
    • Barnicus - Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
    • Dennis - Teasing
    • Janet - Grannies and Bus
  • Being the main protagonist, Bluey has never made an absence on any episode.
  • Bluey is often mistaken as a male by many viewers.
  • Bluey's favourite animal is fruit bat, as seen on episode Fruit Bat.
  • Bluey's favourite colour of capsicum (bell pepper) is yellow, as mentioned on episode BBQ.
  • Bluey's favourite breakfast is fruit salad, as mentioned on episode Fruit Bat.
  • Bluey's older version can be seen at the end of episode Camping.
  • Bluey's family is the first to have known surname.
  • Bluey once played as a cameo, as seen on episode Army.
  • Bluey and Bingo have unlockable Emojis on the DisneyNOW app and website that can be used on the user's profile. These emojis use the art style of Disney Emoji Blitz, a match-3 puzzle game for mobile phones.
  • She can't read as seen in Takeaway and Bus.


S2E16: Army(although she DID cameo)





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