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"Oh, biscuits!" ― Bandit's catchphrase

Bandit is a main character, the husband of Chilli, the older brother of Stripe, father of Bluey and Bingo, and uncle of Muffin and Socks. Description

"Dad is an archaeologist (he loves to dig up bones). As the devoted, yet tired father, he does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores, to invent and play games with his two girls. He still tries to continue his own life amidst the chaos of childrearing but often struggles to juggle these two competing tasks!"


Bandit is a Blue Heeler with blue, light blue, tan and black fur. He has light blue feet, hands, outer belly, outer muzzle and eyebrows, blue legs, arms, tail tip and torso, tan belly, muzzle and inner ears, and black tail stem, head and outer ears. He also has a black nose and beard whiskers on his muzzle.


Bandit is a character that loves to play with his daughters. He will take his role in a game seriously even though he's often seen unwilling and reluctant whenever his daughters mention a game to play. While playing with his daughters, he often teaches them life lessons along the way.


Bandit is one of the members of the Heeler family. He's the husband of Chilli, the father of Bluey and Bingo, brother of Rad, older brother of Stripe, brother-in-law of Trixie, son of Bob and Nana, the uncle of Muffin and Socks and the son-in-law of Grandad. He works as an archaeologist.

When he was younger, Bandit spent time in England, where he met Chilli. There is “some dispute” as to the exact circumstances, but it apparently took place “at a party in London.”[1] Chilli would later recall that Bandit had a finger up his nose when they first met.[2] The two began dating, and eventually went on a backpacking trip to Italy. While there, Bandit proposed to Chilli, and she accepted; the pair were later married.[3]

Among the guests at the wedding were Frisky, who would later become Bluey’s godmother, and Bandit’s brother Rad. The venue included a pool, which Rad “probably” fell into.[4] Some time afterwards, Chilli became pregnant, later giving birth to Bluey.[5] Bandit would later claim to have “wrecked [his] back changing [Bluey’s] nappies.” Bingo, their younger daughter, was born a couple of years later.[6]



The following is a list of Nicknames used for or by Bandit throughout the series.

Nickname Episode
Telemachus Hospital & Tickle Crabs
Bert Handsome Hairdressers
Diddums Kids
Romeo McFlourish Fancy Restaurant
Shooby-Doowah Teasing (originally Ooga-Booga)


  • He is voiced by Dave McCormack, the frontman of Australian '90s Indie rock band Custard
  • He used to play touch football, as mentioned in Fruitbat
  • He likes to watch cricket, as seen in Horsey Ride & The Weekend
  • He likes to play squash, as seen in Squash
  • He burps after eating sauerkraut in the original dub of Chickenrat
    • However, in the Disney dub, he sneezes after eating sauerkraut
  • He loves bananas and berries, but hates rockmelon, as mentioned in Trampoline
  • He makes several “dad-jokes” to Bluey and Bingo as shown in a couple of episodes of Season 1, most notably in The Creek and The Pool
    • As of season 2, he doesn’t do much “dad-jokes” as much, but he still has his cheekiness in some episodes in season 2
  • He is the only male member of the main cast
  • It is yet to be shown of where Bandit works
  • A younger version of him can be seen in the flashback of the episode Baby Race
  • Bandit farted at least in three episodes (as humour) in Daddy Robot, Fairies and Teasing
    • As of season 2, Bandit doesn’t fart as much due to the tone of humour have changed
  • Bandit can ride a skateboard as seen in Bob Bilby
  • Bandit once peed in a pool as seen and said by Chilli in Swim School
  • He was claimed Dad of the Year in 2019
  • Bandit is often seen reading the newspaper in most episodes
  • Bandit’s child-friendly expletives are mostly food related phrases
    • Bandit says “Biscuits” in several episodes
    • He says “Cheese and Crackers” in Daddy Robot and Taxi
    • He says “Beans on Toast!” and “Goodness Gravy!” in Taxi
    • He says “Cheese and Jam” in Tickle Crabs
    • He exclaims “Oh, DUCK CAKE!” in Duck Cake
    • He says “Crumbed Steak” in Road Trip
  • He is left-handed, as revealed in The Claw