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"Oh, no, not (name of the game)!" ― Bandit's first catchphrase

"Oh, biscuits!" ― Bandit's second catchphrase

Bandit Heeler is a main character of Bluey. He is the husband of Chilli, the younger brother of Rad and the older brother of Stripe, father of Bluey and Bingo, uncle of Muffin and Socks, son of Bob and Chris, brother-in-law of Trixie and Brandy, and the son-in-law of Mort and Chilli's Mum. Description

Bandit is an archaeologist (he loves to dig up bones) and he does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores, to invent and play games with his two little girls.

He loves Chilli and his girls and does his best to keep up with Bluey and Bingo’s games whether that means dressing up, becoming a robot or surviving an attack from the tickle crabs. He loves being a dad but still tries to keep an eye on the cricket scores and go out for the odd surf!

Bandit has many alter egos too, but none more notorious than the cheeky Unicorse!­

As a promotion for the release of first block of 2024 minisodes, several character biographies were presented in the style of Letter.

BANDIT deegs up bons. He is not a vary good spallah. He is Blooooey and Bingo's Dad. When he was fiv he had a gren skatboard and brid named Conan who is GREN, BLOOOO and YILLOW.

He loaves his wif Chilly, he loaves Bloooey and Bingo and he loaves to play fun gams with them. He loaves being a dad and has fun but also he likes watching the cracket and fotty too.

Bandit also loaves his mom but he dosn lick the food she corks. It tasts disgarsting. Espeshaly her lazarniya. It is lak etting vomm-it.

"Dad is an archaeologist (he loves to dig up bones). As the devoted, yet tired father, he does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores, to invent and play games with his two girls. He still tries to continue his own life amidst the chaos of childrearing but often struggles to juggle these two competing tasks!"


Bandit is one of the members of the Heeler family. He is the husband of Chilli, the father of Bluey and Bingo, the younger brother of Rad and the older brother of Stripe, brother-in-law of Trixie, Brandy, and Frisky, son of Bob and Chris, the uncle of Muffin and Socks and the son-in-law of Mort and his late wife. He works as an archaeologist.

At some point when he was five, Bandit wrote an original story with many grammatical errors, that Chris would revisit and read to her granddaughters years later. According to his letter, he was given a green skateboard for his fifth birthday by Chris, that he would ride on the driveway after school, and used to have a pet bird called Conan.[1]

At the age of six, Bandit’s classmate Bucky Dunstan made a rude comment about one of his car drawings. This resulted in Bandit giving up drawing, despite having previously enjoyed it.[2]

When he was a child, Bandit was occasionally a bully to his younger brother Stripe. One day, when he was ten, Bandit was jinxed by Rad in response to this behaviour, so he was not allowed to speak until someone said his name. Through his ensuing ordeal, he came to appreciate what he had been putting Stripe through. He later helped Stripe without insisting that Stripe say his name, and was actually pleased when Stripe chose not to. He was then unexpectedly freed by a girl reading his name, which was written on a hat that he’d dropped.[3]

He would often make trips to a creek in his childhood.[4] He and his brothers would hide their favorite toy by burying it there. They did this after their dad, fed up with the boys fighting over it, threatened to take the toy away. They drew a map to the toy on the back of a photograph and split it between them, intending to return for it. However, they forgot about the resolution after getting new toys for Christmas.[5]

Later, when both were adults, he met Chilli in England, which she believes is their first meeting. This apparently took place "at a party in London.”[6] Chilli would later recall that Bandit had a finger up his nose when they first met.[7] Bandit, however, believes that Chilli was the girl who freed him from the jinx years previously. Chilli, having no memory of the the encounter, denies that this is the case.[8]

Eventually, the two began dating, and later on went on a backpacking trip to Italy. While there, Bandit proposed to Chilli, and she accepted; the pair were later married.[9] Among the wedding guests were Frisky and Rad, the latter of whom "probably" fell into a swimming pool.[10]

Sometime afterwards, Chilli became pregnant, later giving birth to Bluey.[11] Bandit would later claim to have “wrecked his back changing [Bluey's] nappies.” Bingo, their younger daughter, was born a couple of years later.[12]

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Sometime before the marriage of his older brother Rad, Bandit received an offer for a better-paying job that would require his family to move to another city. Believing it would allow him to give his daughters the best life he could offer them, Bandit discussed the offer with Chilli, and they decided to put their house up for sale. Despite this, they also agreed to let it serve as the venue for Rad’s wedding. Bandit and Chilli also did their best to help Bluey, who was opposed to the move, understand why they had made the decision.

At the wedding, Rad and Frisky surprised everyone with the announcement that they would be staying in Brisbane. This meant Rad giving up his own job, something Bandit questioned him about later. Rad reassured his younger brother, and Bandit soon received the news that the Sheepdogs wanted to buy the house. At this point, however, Bandit found himself questioning the decision, though Chilli stood by him as they faced the apparent inevitability of moving.

However, on the day the Heelers were to move, just as they were getting into their car, their realtor, Bucky Dunstan, called to inform them that the Sheepdogs had changed their minds. With this news, Bandit went to the For Sale sign and pulled off the “Sold” banner. Then, after contemplating the sign, he ripped it out of the ground and threw it into the street. Recognising that this meant he no longer wanted to sell the house, Chilli and the girls embraced him. The family then joyfully returned to their house.[13]

In the future, Bandit has become stubbier and still lives in the Heeler house with Chilli. He reunites with a fully adult Bluey and has become a grandfather.[14]


Bandit is a Blue Heeler with blue, light blue, tan and black fur. He has light blue feet, hands, outer belly, outer muzzle and eyebrows, blue legs, arms, tail tip and torso, tan belly, muzzle and inner ears, and black tail stem, head and outer ears. He also has a black nose and beard whiskers on his muzzle.

2016 Appearance

He has lighter blue fur, lighter blue feet, black fur that doesn't cover his whole face, whiskers on his ears and a light blue belly, tan muzzle and inner ears, black tail tip, light blue tail stem, head and outer ears. He lacks his beard whiskers, has two black spots on his back, and his nose is brown.

2017 Appearance/The Weekend

He has a pretty much identical look to his 2018 design, but he has a longer snout and a light blue belly. His black fur is covering half of his head, and he lacks his beard whiskers.

Different Ages

  • In Baby Race, he resembles his final design, but he lacks his white hair lines (showing how new he is to parenthood).
  • In Fairytale, he looks like Bluey, but his tail is black with a blue stem, and he has a hair mullet (he would briefly have this hairstyle in Sheepdog and have it returned in the flash-forward scene in Surprise!).
  • In the flash-forward scene in Surprise!, his fur is shaggier and he has more white hairs to signify that he is older. He is also slightly wider.

Notably, he has a somewhat similar design to Uncle Stripe, and Bob, as the designers recycled the base for all characters


Bandit loves to play with his daughters and really gets into the games. While he often initially complains when asked to play a game, he commits to the game fully, often at the expense of his other responsibilities or personal dignity. He does his best to teach his daughters lessons in the process, with mixed results. He seems to have a playful soul and still has his inner child.

Bandit has also been shown to be boastful sometimes.[15][16][17]



The following is a list of Nicknames used for or by Bandit throughout the series.

Nickname Episode
Telemachus Hospital, Tickle Crabs
Big Blue Guy Hospital, Ragdoll, Slide
Gallahop Horsey Ride
Diddums Kids, Fairytale
Ooh-Ooh Zoo
Shooby-Doowah (originally Ooga-Booga) Teasing
Bugalugs Featherwand, Granny Mobile
Bert Handsome Hairdressers
Romeo McFlourish Fancy Restaurant
Bevan Swim School
Big Fella Bedroom
Deep Blue[18] Chest
Big Blue Meanie Seesaw
Banddiddums Fairytale
Hugo Ghostbasket
Banditus The Sign
The Big B


  • He is voiced by Dave McCormack, the front-man of Australian '90s Indie rock band Custard.
    • This is also the debut of McCormack in animated television, The next character to be voiced by a member of a band is Postie.
  • Joe Brumm, creator of Bluey revealed that he had a Blue Heeler growing up called Bandit.[19]
    • Just like Bandit, Joe is also the second oldest of three boys in his family tree.
    • While not shown in his work office, it is known that Bandit is an archaeologist, inspired by Joe's older brother Adam, who has been involved in archaeological discoveries such as the fossilized remains of Homo Floresiensis (the 'Hobbit').
    • Part of the inspiration for Bandit's occupation was a concept character his brother created called "Professor Fleagle, who is an archaeologist and likes digging up bones."[20]
  • In The Magic Xylophone, Bandit was given the honour for being the first character to speak in the entire series.
  • He used to play touch football, as mentioned in Fruitbat. He wants to do it again, but has been too busy with parenting and his job.
  • He is a fan of cricket, as he is seen watching it in The Weekend, Horsey Ride and Cubby, along with playing an amateur version in the episode of the same name. He is also seen playing Squash, and he used to play touch football (Fruitbat).
  • In the original version of Chickenrat, the sauerkraut made Bandit sneeze. The ABC changed it to burping, in response to a complaint that said episode shows food allergies as harmless.[21]
    • However, Disney continues to broadcast the original version of this episode on its television channels, but with subtitles for the updated episode.
    • In "Family Meeting", the girls claim that it makes him fart, along with baked beans and nut roast.
  • He makes several “dad-jokes” to Bluey and Bingo as shown in a couple of episodes of Season 1, most notably in The Creek and The Pool.
    • As of Season 2, he doesn’t do “dad-jokes” as much, but he still has his cheekiness in some episodes in Season 2. But in series 3, Bandit is able to do "dad-jokes" again, most notably in Family Meeting and Turtleboy.
  • He is the only male member of the main cast.
  • A younger version of him can be seen in the flashback of the episode Baby Race, wherein he lacks grey hairs.
  • Bandit can ride a skateboard as seen in Bob Bilby
  • He was claimed Dad of the Year in 2019.
  • Before the title cards when Bluey and Bingo decide what game to play, Bandit can often be seen saying “Oh no, not [NAME OF GAME]” after Bluey and/or Bingo says the name of the game.
  • He is left-handed, as revealed in The Claw.
    • However, in Dragons, he is seen drawing with his right hand.
  • He will get cranky when he is hungry, as revealed in Omelette.
  • A ten-year-old version of Bandit can be seen in Fairytale.
    • In Fairytale, a cassette for the song "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi can be seen. This song was released in 1988, meaning that the events of Fairytale would have taken place during 1988 or 1989. Because Bandit was 10 years old in Fairytale, he would have been born some time between 1977 and 1979.
      • His current age all depends on one's guess. If we assume season 3 happens still around the time the series first aired, then Bandit is between 39 and 41. However, if we consider the series adapts to the current times and we assume Season 3 takes place between 2020 and 2022, this would place him somewhere between around 41 and 43 years old in Season 3.
  • Bandit is revealed to have a doctorate in archaeology in Archaeology.
  • He has a knowledge of and apparent enthusiasm for mythology, as seen on multiple occasions:
    • His use of the name Telemachus, the son of the Greek hero Odysseus.
    • Addressing Bingo as Cassiopeia, after the mythological queen of Ethiopia and mother of Andromeda.
    • Referencing Teutatis, a Celtic deity.
  • In the Polish dub, his name is "Bandżi" (pronounced "bungee"), while in the Swedish dub he is called "Billy" and in the Dutch dub, he is named "Buster."
  • Backpackers and Pavlova reveals that both Bandit and Chilli can both speak French; as Bluey and Bingo don't speak French, Bandit takes advantage of that to speak nonsense French to them, as if teasing them.
  • In Bob Bilby and The Beach, Bandit is seen with a skateboard. But after The Beach, the skateboard is rarely used.
  • He revealed in Dragon that he used to draw lots of art featuring cars when he was six, but stopped after receiving harsh criticism from a classmate.
  • "Perfect" reveals that, unlike Chilli, he isn't very sure about the idea of having a third kid.
    • In "Surprise!", there are many family pictures in the future that only depict Bluey and Bingo, likely indicating that Chilli and Bandit eventually decided to stick to only having two children.
  • In Tradies, he is revealed to swear when irritated. However, this is done off-screen.


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